Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unreleased Music Video for "Puffin on Blunts & Drankin Tanqueray" with Tha Dogg Pound & Lady of Rage & Dr Dre

dre looks EXTRA corny... watch dre at the end of the video lookin corny and awkward as hell. and i always imagined lady of rage being younger and much sexier... i've heard some of her stuff before and she can rap like it's nothing. ("Unfuckwittable" is an ill song)

always liked this song, sick to see an old video where dre introduces lady of rage, daz, and kurupt that has been unreleased till now.

RZA and Eminem cameos in the movie Funny People

just a little something something

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lady Gaga before the Glamour and Glitz...

proof that lady gaga is human.. and used to look hot. and was actually really talented... this is lady gaga performing at NYU a long time ago

Jamaican Dancing = Flatout Sex... and broken penises

please watch how crazy jamaicans get.... at 00:38 is an especially insane move, although the whole video is pretty much a "WTF" moment

found this video on youtube while i was searching for "daggering" which is a jamaican dance that "may be responsible for hospitals treating a flood of young men with broken penises" (

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The Carter" - Lil Wayne Documentary Movie (Dowload Link)

If you were ever a fan of Weezy at any point in your life, this documentary is worth checking out.  It focuses mostly on his addiction to lean (aka sizzurp).  Lil Wayne tried to sue the makers of this documentary, and I can see why he wasn't happy with how he was portrayed.  Made me a bit sad watching this -- the life of a star is so overrated and superficial and... sad.  The way he records is completely insane though, I didn't fully realize how crazy it is to be on the go all the time while recording 24/7 without ever writing a thing down.  I was always skeptical of Weezy saying he didn't write anything since he pretty much jacked that from Jay-Z (he used to idolize Jay-Z; a few of his album covers even mimic Jay-Z's), but watching this made me a believer.  It's pretty genius, although it'd be so much more admirable/inspirational if Lil Wayne wasn't rapping about being a "pussy monster" or sippin on sizzurp 90% of the time.  Or eating/killing rappers/beats.

here's a trailer:

download link:
or (if that one dies): 

Monday, November 16, 2009

No Regrets - Aesop Rock

[if you don't know aesop rock or don't listen to underground hip hop, skip this post.]

music video is made by a random fan, but i think it fits the song perfectly. this track really is something else. the subject of this song, lucy, is 7 years old in the first verse, 37 in the second verse, and 87 in the third verse. that should be compelling enough for you to check out this song. i saw him perform over the weekend and thought i'd post a song of his.

song is off his "labor days" album which is arguably his best album.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kanye & Charlie Bit My Finger Autotuned. Amazingly.

hilarious & catchy. owwwwww~~~~~ charlie~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dock Ellis' LSD Infused No-hitter

hope you've all heard the legendary story of how pitcher Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter while trippin on acid. this is an amazing animated video to go with Dock Ellis' account of what happened.
"one time i covered first base and i caught the ball and i tagged the base all in one motion. i said, ooh i just made a touchdown"

Brand New Music Video: LMFAO (Feat. Lil Jon) - Shots

always loved the song... video looks like toooo much of a good time though. the LMFAO lifestyle must be nuts. 1:50 is hilarious "...they need an excuse... to...."

i also don't know how to feel about a lil jon comeback

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update On My Music Life / My Songs' Stats / Getting Paid to Rap

so a month ago i set up a new music site
where you can listen to many of my songs, including the 10 songs i've made & released in the past month. one of which i not only wrote lyrics and rapped on, but also produced for the first time. ("I Diid It")

i can get a good amount of stats from the site, including number of plays and downloads, and where i get traffic from.  it's much much better than myspace.  i'm content with the numbers so far, especially considering i've only been promoting my music on facebook (except for the two songs i uploaded on youtube, but they don't really count kuz i didn't really share them with anyone.  i just uploaded them to have it on there).  i plan on going all out with promoting myself when i have a finished project/mixtape.

top five played songs:
(in addition, "i love cali" has 176 views on youtube at the moment
while "i diid it" has 997 views)

top five downloaded songs:

to the few ppl who took the time to download my shit, thank you. and to those who didn't realize you could download off the site, now you know.  it might be worth noting that when you download songs off my site, the song will be perfectly tagged (aka correct song name/artist) and will also come with the lyrics and artwork attached.
i'm not worrying about downloads at all for now, since almost every song will be edited and polished when i finish the mixtape.  yes, almost every song on is a rough mix.  so you may choose to hold off on downloading stuff until the mixtape drops, then you can get all the finalized songs in one batch.
the mixtape will (obvi) be available for free when it is done.

i plan on doing more remixes of well known songs and putting them on youtube so i get more traffic/subscribers there, seeing as how a lot of people liked the i love college remix i did.  i'll also be perform in santa barbara during this thanksgiving break with "kinga dajungo" (who i've made 2 tracks with so far), so i can finally really start spreading the music.  definitely plan on having a good collection of songs made so my friends and i can perform this coming summer.

it's all for the fun of it, writing and making music the past month has made me feel so much more productive and satisfied than i had in a long while.  the rewards are off the charts considering that making music itself is such a fun (although challenging) process, and at the end of it, you have something concrete that will always be there for you to listen to and share.  but i'd be lying if i said there's no part of me that really (really) wishes i could make some kind of living off music, that wants to see this little hobby take off.  i want to be able to perform on the side and make a little bit of cash down the line with my music "career."  i don't make music that'd be played on the radio or embraced by the mainstream anyway, so truly blowing up is not really a goal.  i'm also not naive enough to think that it's not near impossible for an asian dude from the suburbs to go places with hip hop, but one can dream.  i want to one day have a small, loyal underground fan base that fux with my music.  a career like brother ali's is the ultimate goal.  or slug from atmosphere.

on the topic of making money off music, i've actually recently started making quick cash penning rhymes after applying for the job (i had to show them songs i've made & also had to make a song for them) and being accepted as an artist at greetbeatz.  it's an interesting/innovative site started by 2 stanford graduates that allows anyone to pay to have a personalized song made for a friend.  the pay is usually $10 for a one minute song i make, and i have to at least rap 12 lines.  for longer songs, i get paid up to $45.
from the site:
what is greetbeatz?
GreetBeatz enables a totally new type of virtual gift, one that has actual value. With GreetBeatz, you can commission a talented independent artist to write and produce a highly personal, original song. You provide a few helpful suggestions to the artist, and the artist creatively weaves them into a song

i guess that officially makes me a talented independent artist : )

so yup, that's my little update on my music life.  i want to regularly update this blog again, so i'm hoping to have more posts like this every once in a while telling y'all what's going on.  according to google analytics (amazing tool for tracking stats of any website you're running. google it.), i'm getting a decent amounts of visitors still with no updates in a while, so i'm hoping to get back to the ~100 visitors a day i was getting when i was posting pictures i took of LA.

i know not many people are interested in this kind of post (at least for now / when i ain't bloweddd up yet mayyyyn), but it's mostly for me to chronicle my own progress on this blog.


Ridiculous Soulja Boy Songs that I Love

so, "ridiculous soulja boy song" might be redundant but here is a collection of songs by the crank dat rapper that i lowkey love listenin to.

where you get them at?
i... love.... this..... song....... the 8-lines-long verses, the slowass (catchy) rapping, the "wassup baby" ad-libs, the wild beat..... live for it. i was fakely hoping it would blow up.

marco polo ft. bow wow
just a very very bad song. hook is unheard of... but it's still kinda catchy. "last night your girl forehead was on my abs" is one of the funniest lines ever though. i fux with it. i've heard rumors that gucci mane wrote this verse for soulja boy... i don't know who should be more ashamed, the one who wrote it or the one who paid for it and happily rapped it..

no explanation necessary.

gucci bandanna ft. gucci mane gucci bandanna (ayyyy)
won't lie, soulja boy's verse is catchy enoughhh. ("uhhhhh, and ain't this beat tight / chain say hello, watch say goodnight")
this might be one of gucci's dumbest/weakest verses ever though, if there is such a thing.

bird walk
this video was how i was introduced to the song, and since i love their dancing so much i might've been more receptive to the song. the dancers are in a dance group in japan. the song should've blown up. nuff said.

turn my swag on
i genuinely think this song is good.

swag dance
this is one of the crazier dances i've seen, I LOVE IT THOUGH. i live for soulja boy's dancing in the video.

hey you there
friend sent me this song yesterday.. it's hilarious

here's another take of the song.. but this time him and his friends are just wiling the fuuuck out

honorable mention:
not a song at all but... this is hilarious

...that should be enough soulja boy to last you a lifetime.