Friday, July 10, 2009

my OLD SITES! / origin of CDP / origin of LUKASH

just found my super old sites that i used to run / just remembered i used to have sites previous to this one... 2 blogs and 1 site:

1 blog from 2006
haven't seen this site in the longest... forgot i made this one. it's mostly AIM conversations with some rhymes.

1 blog from 2007 (with two posts in 2008)
blog where i posted using only my sidekick (with two posts with my blackberry in 2008)
i had this blog set up so that the posts imported into my facebook as "notes" so you might've seen a bunch of these before.
it was pretty fun, plus the sidekick was perfect for it... i miss it...

1 site from 2004 (some updates in 2005)
i CAN'T believe this site is still being hosted for free. i was sure they would've gotten rid of the files... i literally haven't seen this site since 9th grade. this was before youtube was created, so the video files had to all be uploaded. i'm sure none of the videos/songs work. either way, this is a definite blast from the past, kind of blew my mind away... the only real thing to check on the site were the AIM conversations. all my songs could've been found on my soundclick except...:
sidenote #1:
i deleted my soundclick page (where i had all the songs i ever made uploaded) along with my original myspace and youtube accounts when i was applying to colleges kuz i didn't want college admissions to find'em.. a bit paranoid but you never know. i remember the deans told us to be careful what we had online... i've since recreated a myspace and youtube account, but i still haven't set up a soundclick account - i had a song a tiny bit high on one of the charts on there! i'm sure i made it into top 100 at one point. as for my myspace, i stay sad that i deleted it kuz there simply is no way i can go back and refriend the hundreds (myspace whore alert) of ppl that were my "friends" and following me to some degree, ppl i didn't even know in person giving me props and such (some random dude loved "re's story" and was dying at the pic i put up of him alongside the lyrics. it was a diss song, in case you're not familiar / didn't go to my high school). not to mention i had a bunch of ppl (maybe around the 40?) who had "(CDP)" in their myspace name, which was siiiick. especially since i didn't really mean it to happen -- i just decided to (CDP) next to my name one day.
sidenote#1.5: (since you'll see CDP pop up here and there, here's my definition of it so you know what's going on.) CDP is an acronym that i came up with some time in high school that mainly stood for Calm Down Please. random right? it never truly made sense that it would catch on.
here's a definition i put up on urbandictionary back in the day: (the hyphy part is mostly bogus, i was just trying to actually make CDP a regional movement of sorts... i always loved hyphy music) (also, fuck the 7 angry ppl who thumbed it down!)
i also used it later to stand for casual dome plz or casual dome prospect but... that's truuuuly another story.
sidenote 1.75: two friends consequently came up with other acronyms in the same vein that both somewhat caught on:
BRASAP (bray-sap): Bitch Relax As Soon As Possible
PLYEL (ply-el): Please Lower Your Energy Level

sidenote #2:
i came up with the name lukash in 6th grade (i didn't start rapping till 8th grade tho. i just always had a "rap name." we had a "kash krew" and stuff... yeaaa we went hard haha). and i think the fact that i still go by it just shows i'm the same old dude.
origin: the name itself came from lucas/lukas + h. it wasn't just luke + cash as most ppl think. at the time, i used to use the ID "lukaz" for all my online stuff. no one ever called me lucas but that was what i used... and i had to change the s to a z and the c to a k kuz that's what's "cool" on the internet... anyway, since i was loving the song "still fly" by the big tymers and they repped cash money records (which is now repped to death by lil wayne... he was a nobody back then), i just thought "if i add an h to lukaz/lukas, then it'd be like i had the word cash in my name. sweet." so i just started writing/tagging it everywhere and it's come all this way.
(by the way, you'll rarely see me write Lukash. just because i think it looks better with a lowercase L. not-so-fun-fact, but a fact i'd like to get out there regardless. bitch.)

i don't know whether it's a good thing or bad thing that i've pretty much been the same guy doing the same inane things for years. i feel i'm definitely calmer now (??) maybe.. haha. enjoy the sites for whatever they're worth. as i looked through'em i was entertained but cringing at the same time. lots and lots of cringing. i wonder if 5 years from now i'll look at this blog and cringe. probably definitely.

as for the long-winded post/explanations, sorry. the topics came up as i was writing / looking thru my old sites and i decided to settle everything once and for all. my ultimate goal in life, after all, is to be able to say "look at my blog, biiitch" to ANY question someone asks me. (to the tune of "i'm in LA bitch" by LMFAO of course)

ya dig??

i'm way too mean on the oldest site... i'm srry to everyone. i'm a bit sad looking thru it.


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