Thursday, July 16, 2009

"oh you make beats too?!!" - first two beats i've ever made

everyone's gotta start somewhere.

the first beat i have ever made from scratch. playing around mostly, changing it up frequently. some random parts.
(made it yesterday)

the second beat i have ever made, titled "blah blah." this is actually in the conventional hip hop format, spare beat in the beginning, then 16 bars of music for the verse, then i put in just the beat for the hook/chorus part with the "blah blah" mixed in. i could easily jump on this song with a concept, especially since the verse parts sound light/positive then the hook just goes back to blah blahh, so i could write in a story that has a twist at the end of every verse before it goes into the hook. easier said than done though.
(made it today / just now)

the links lets you stream the audio by default, so don't worry about having to download anything.

by the end of the year,
the super-producer/rapper combo is about to go downnnn. i'd have to say making beats is much more tedious than writing rhymes, so it might take longer, but overall i find it to be easier.