Monday, July 13, 2009

Burnt Rice & Friends Talk Religion

(might take a bit to load the image depending on your internet connection speed...)

tiny background: burnt rice & friends have had facebook threads going on for a while now. this was a very recent chunk of our 5th thread where the topic of religion was brought up randomly and many of the people in the thread gave their input. (threads go berserk after 1000 posts, so you have to make a new one when you reach that point. it's not like we're randomly creating thread after thread after thread..)

if you've ever pondered about the world yourself or have questioned your religion (or lack of), feel free to read through this epic facebook discussion. it's long as hell so i don't know if you should do it in one sitting or not....

i have a tablet pc btw, which means i can put a stylus pen to my laptop screen and write + cross things out:


  1. Can't believe I just read this whole thing but wow Luke I didn't know you were so smart LOL. I mean I kinda knew but I didn't really know :)

    I like your blog! Keep updating it, I'll come check it out with my peeeeepz (lol remember that?) every now and then.

    ~ LN